As of this date, former President Donald J. Trump has survived multiple investigations, an alleged audit, and two impeachments.  If Ronald Reagan was the “Teflon President” Then Trump may be the “Vaseline President.” A year removed from office, Trump has avoided successful prosecutions using every legal maneuver his attorneys could muster up and no smoking gun has been found to send him on the “perp walk” millions of Americans think he should be walking.

But on Sunday night, after Trump sent out another rant to the public, January 6th committee member, one of two conservative Republicans on the committee, Adam Kinzinger thinks he has found that elusive smoking gun.

See the former President’s statement along with Kinzinger’s reaction below:

In addition to Kinzinger calling out the former POTUS, he also called out his fellow colleagues in the GOP to once and for all “pick a side.” In Kinzinger’s and millions of Americans’ minds, this reckless statement by Trump should be the smoking gun that ends all the fence-sitting, lawyered-up comments, and outright denials of what Trump was trying to do in his final days in office.

Namely, to keep power by any means necessary.

Indeed, the rules that Pence was obliged to follow have been in place since 1887, and up until now have been unchallenged until Trump and his allies attempted to upset the apple cart and retain his power.

To be precise, Congress is not trying to “change” any of the rules under the Electoral College Act, but rather clarify them to prevent any future doubts or the chaos Trump and his allies brought to the table before, on, and after January 6th of 2021. A move that a huge majority of Americans support according to recent polling.

It remains to be seen if Kinzinger’s smoking gun will have any impact on the January 6th committee, Republicans, or the Department of Justice — though many are hopeful. Many have lamented over why Attorney General Merrick Garland has not brought any indictments against Trump or any of his allies that seemingly aided his failed coup attempt.

Former MSNBC host, Keith Olbermann even made a rare (these days) statement regarding the lack of prosecutions. Of course, Olbermann used his unique brand of snark to deliver the message:

Of course, Garland is very much alive, but Olbermann’s point is that it is becoming long past due that Garland stops hiding behind the DOJ’s walls and begins rounding up Trump and others they believe to be traitors to our nation. Many believe that is the only way to prevent such a thing to happen again in the future.

One of Olbermann’s followers summed up his sentiment using the late comedian/actor Chris Farley to drive the point home:

Others, however, asked for Olbermann’s patience, suggesting that investigations like this work their way up, not down. They suggest that Trump and his allies day in court is coming, and it is only a matter of time:

And that may be true. Currently, Trump or people close to him are under investigation in multiple states for crimes from tax evasion, election meddling, forgery of electoral documents, and other “high crimes and misdemeanors” before, on, and after January 6th.

And that kind of sums up the thoughts of millions of Americans. Some are jumping on every “smoking gun” that gets turned up by any investigation of Trump thinking this will finally be when the former impeached President finally gets his just desserts. While others, like Olbermann, are pessimistic that anything of substance will ever be done.

Thus the title of this article.