New York Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation of Donald Trump and his businesses is getting so close to nailing him and his adult children that Trump is now submitting desperate legal filings accusing her of interfering with his political ambitions.

James has been investigating Trump and his family for three years in an effort to ascertain the extent of his overvaluing of property for financial gain. Trump, his daughter Ivanka, and his son Donald Trump Jr. have all been subpoenaed to testify as part of the probe thus far. Of course, all of them are refusing to cooperate.

And once James subpoenaed Trump, he began lashing out. First, he did so by threatening to unleash his supporters to “protest” prosecutors who indict him, although it’s likely he has intimidation tactics and violence in mind. But now Trump is accusing James of trying to “interfere with his political ambitions.”

According to Reuters:

Lawyers for Republican Trump said in a court filing that James, a Democrat, was targeting the former president because of her “dislike of his speech and political views” in an effort to “interfere with his political ambitions.” Trump, who left office last year, has not ruled out running for president again in 2024.

Trump’s lawyers cited an email James’ campaign sent her supporters on Jan. 9, after she had subpoenaed Trump and his children, stating that Trump “might win” in 2024. She said in the email that the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol “may be traced back to one person: Trump himself.”

“There can be no stronger basis for a claim of selective prosecution than the evidence presented herein,” the filing went on, referring to the email as “extraordinary, unprecedented and frankly appalling.”

James is running for re-election in November, and it makes sense that she would highlight the investigation of Trump as one of the stronger parts of her resume. New Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg did the same thing when he ran for the office and won last year on the promise to continue his predecessor’s criminal investigation into the Trump Organization.

In no way do the investigations against Trump prevent him from running in 2024 unless he’s arrested and prosecuted, something he clearly fears.

James responded to the filing by calling it a “baseless attempt” to “evade accountability.”

“Throughout the three years of this investigation, they have never questioned our legal authority until Donald J. Trump himself was subpoenaed to testify,” James said. “As with every investigation, we will continue to follow the facts wherever they lead.”

Trump must be held accountable, and the only one he has to blame is himself. By running for president in 2016 he put himself under a microscope that he might have avoided had he not brought so much attention to himself. This is what law and order looks like. Trump just doesn’t like it because he thinks he’s above the law.

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