Senior citizens living at a public housing building in Miami-Dade recently got a shock when they found out their voter registration had been changed to Republican against their will and without their consent.

According to a disturbing report from Local 10, the entire matter began when people who said they represented the Florida Republican Party began showing up:

Despite the security at Haley Sofge Towers, a Miami-Dade public housing building, people with clipboards and Republican Party of Florida caps were in the hallways, door knocking.

It made registered NPA Armando Selva suspicious.

“They said, “We’re doing the renewals on the voter registration, would you like to renew?” Selva recalled.

Resident Juan Carlos Salazar was not suspicious at the time.

“I didn’t do anything, but they changed the party,” Salazar said, adding he noticed, “when they sent me the new registration.”

Annette Taddeo, Vice Chair of the state’s Ethics and Elections Committee and a Florida state senator, says the people being targeted — many of whom don’t speak English or are — are clearly being targeted:

“People are being taken advantage of. Lots of these people don’t speak English or are elderly.”

This latest report is similar to an incident that took place in December of last year. In that case, an 84-year-old resident of Little Havana who was a lifelong Democrat was “duped” by a third-party voter registration group into changing her party to Republican.

Additionally, in 2020 a Florida woman was accused of switching the party registration of multiple voters to Republican right before a key presidential primary.

All of this suggests there is a much larger pattern at work in Florida and potentially in other states, where Republicans realize they are outnumbered and cannot win elections when voter turnout is high. So they’re using every dirty trick they can think of in order to stack the deck in their favor.

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