Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) once again embarrassed herself and the state she represents this week by insisting that the Constitution does not evolve, a remark that drew laughter and mockery on Twitter.

Boebert is the House Republican who live-tweeted the location of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on January 6th as a murderous mob of right-wing domestic terrorists was storming the Capitol looking to assassinate lawmakers and overthrow democracy.

And while she has made many humiliating Twitter posts and statements since then, her latest faceplant is particularly embarrassing because she’s a congresswoman.

Boebert claims that the Constitution does not evolve or change and that saying it does is an insult to the Founding Fathers. Seriously.

The problem is that she’s wrong. The Constitution has evolved several times over the course of our history via amendments starting with the Bill of Rights, ratified in 1791. Ever since then, amendments have been added to the document. There are 27 amendments to the Constitution, and a 28th could be close since the Equal Rights Amendment has picked up the final states necessary for ratification.

Boebert received yet another education on Twitter.

Those responses are just the tip of the iceberg.

This isn’t the first time Boebert has demonstrated that she doesn’t know how the Constitution works. Her latest tweet comes nearly a year to the day she made it clear she doesn’t know how amendments work. It makes one wonder how Boebert got her GED and how she ever made it to Congress in the first place. That’s the real insult to our Founding Fathers.

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