Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin caused an uproar this week by bullying a teenager for criticizing him, a petty Trump-like move that is drawing much backlash.

Ethan Lynne is a politically active high school student who supports the Democratic Party. So when he read an NPR report that Youngkin had cleared out an educational space where a historian teaches about slavery inside the Governor’s mansion to convert it to a family room, he posted about it on Twitter.

“The historian tasked with teaching about slavery at the Virginia Governors Mansion just resigned after finding the Youngkins converted her classroom into a family room – and emptied her office. Shameful,” Lynne wrote.

Youngkin has since denied the story and the NPR reporter who wrote it edited the story to reflect it. However, it’s important to note that Youngkin and his team were asked to comment prior to the publication of the original story and apparently refused to do so. Lynne even posted the correction.

Anyway, instead of ignoring the criticism, Youngkin’s team decided to attack Lynne by trying to tie him to an incident of blackface by former Governor Ralph Northam decades ago.

Youngkin ran for office on a platform of supporting students. Obviously, that was always a lie since Youngkin has spent his first few weeks in office attacking schools and teachers by issuing anti-mask and anti-vaccine edicts and trying to prevent the history of racism from being taught. Now his team is bullying a student over a critical tweet, the kind of reaction that Donald Trump would approve.

When Democrats said during the campaign that Youngkin is Trump-lite, they were not lying. Yet Virginia voters bought Youngkin’s act hook, line, and sinker, making them equally responsible for everything Youngkin does, including the bullying of a teenager. They should be ashamed.

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