Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) and a right-wing podcaster went over the deep end on the Second Amendment this week by arguing that Americans should own enough weapons, including nuclear and biological weapons, to overthrow the government if a minority of the people agree on tyranny.

Massie is infamous for his over-the-top extremist remarks and behavior. He and his family recently posed for a Christmas portrait while holding assault rifles and he believes Medicare is the reason why Americans are dying from the coronavirus.

But as the country continues to be under threat by right-wing insurrections and the GOP continues to cling onto their false belief that President Joe Biden stole the 2020 election from Donald Trump, Massie’s remarks to podcaster Tim Pool make it clear that Republicans are on board with right-wing violence to gain power.

Massie told Pool that if only 30 to 40 percent of Americans agree that the Biden administration meets the definition of tyranny, they should have enough weapons to overthrow the government.

“If 30 to 40 percent could agree that this was legitimate tyranny and it needed to be thrown off they need to have sufficient power without asking for extra permission – it should be right there and completely available to them in their living room in order to effect the change,” Massie maniacally said.

Pool would go on to say that Americans should even be able to own nuclear and biological weapons.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch on Twitter:

Considering that Republicans are always exaggerating what constitutes tyranny, Massie’s remarks are especially dangerous. At least two-thirds of Republicans believe Democrats stole the 2020 Election even though there is no evidence of fraud. And 30 percent of Republicans already think violence is necessary. Let’s not forget that Republicans consider themselves the only real Americans, so it stands to reason that Massie is talking about those 30 percent of Republicans who support violence. It should also be pointed out that Republicans think vaccine and mask mandates are tyrannical even though they are legitimate public health measures that even the Founding Fathers supported.

With all the things that Republicans consider tyranny these days, including Twitter booting extremists off the platform, Massie is clearly arguing for the violent overthrow of the government right now, thus inciting future insurrections, and armed insurrections to boot that would kill thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands all so conservatives can have their way. This should warrant an investigation, Massie’s arrest, and a ban from ever serving in Congress again.

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