Christian Collins is running to represent Texas’ Congressional district 8 in the House of Representatives, and he thinks higher education is a waste of time and detrimental to young people who go to college.

At a weekend rally he held just outside of Houston, Collins told supporters:

“We know how important the youth are to our future because you can raise them the right way. You can work your butts off every day to put food on the table, send them off to college, and then what ends up happening?

“They go off to college not knowing what they believe sometimes, and their teachers, their professors, try to deconstruct everything that you’ve taught them. And they go off with the college that you paid for and come out radical, leftist, hating-America atheists, and they don’t have any usable skills to get employed. And then they’re even more cynical.”

Collins has also garnered the support of some of the most extreme right-wing figures in the country, HuffPost notes:

Collins has the support of some of the most vocal pro-Trump Republicans in Congress, including Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.), both of whom attended his event. He also has the endorsement of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a prominent right-wing conspiracy theorist, also addressed attendees at the event.

And while he’s busy attacking higher education, Collins himself has a bachelor degree from the University of Texas. He also holds a master’s degree from Liberty University.

Another favorite campaign talking point for Collins is critical race theory, which the would-be congressman said he would fight to keep from being taught in schools, even though it never has been taught in any public school and is nothing but a theory that has been discussed in law schools.

Additionally, if you are indeed the company you keep, consider this photo:

What are the chances that Collins will get elected? Well, it’s Texas, so he’s probably a shoo-in.

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