Former Trump official and wannabe Republican 2024 candidate Nikki Haley humiliated herself during an interview on “Meet The Press” with ironic remarks about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

As we all know, Russia is currently invading Ukraine, and while most of the world is siding against Vladimir Putin, Republicans were strongly backing him until some of them finally felt embarrassed enough to now pretend they support Ukraine.

On Sunday, Haley pretended that Donald Trump was somehow tough on Putin despite Trump being Putin’s puppet in the White House for four years in response to Chuck Todd challenging her on Trump’s poor record on Russia.

“All I know is what he did,” Haley said. “And I was personally there at the United Nations when he got out of the Iran deal, when he sanctioned Putin, when he expelled diplomats. He did stronger things against Russia than Republican or Democrat presidents before him. Putin knew not to mess with the United States. Putin needs to know that again. We need to start standing up. Why are we even ho-humming around the fact that we’re still taking Russian oil? Why are we doing that?”

Again, Putin repeatedly messed with the United States during Trump’s presidency, and Trump gave Putin whatever he wanted. Haley also apparently ignored the Republican and Democratic presidents who stared down and eventually toppled the Soviet Union over several decades.

But then she made an ironic statement about Trump and Putin.

“You never sleep with the devil because then the devil owns you,” she said.

And that’s ironic since Haley herself has frequently sucked up to Trump even after all the terrible things he has done. She even announced that she would not seek the Republican nomination in 2024 if Trump runs again. That’s the definition of being owned.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

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