As gas prices continue to rise — in large part due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine — Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) thought it’d be a great time to try and lob a cheap shot at the Biden administration while simultaneously praising former President Donald Trump.

Jordan posted a sarcastic tweet urging Americans to recall the price of gas during the Trump years:

Remember how cheap gas was during the Trump Administration?

Of course, what Jordan conveniently neglected to mention is that gas prices were lower under Trump in large part because COVID was ravaging the country and causing mass shutdowns of states. When fewer people are commuting to work on a daily basis, demand for gasoline goes down considerably. However, Trump’s failure on controlling the pandemic also led to massive job losses.

How bad was the job situation with Trump in the White House? Forbes explained in January of last year:

In a two-month period, February to April 2020, the unemployment rate soared to an 80-year high and the number of employed Americans fell from 152.5 million to 130.3 million. Those 22.2 million job losses set U.S. employment back to 1999 levels.

Since, the economy has moved from contraction to expansion and seen 12.3 million jobs return. However, it hasn’t been enough to offset the job losses that occurred during the pandemic.

That means that Trump will become the first post–World War II president to see employment fall during his presidency. It last occurred when Herbert Hoover left office in 1933 amid the early years of the Great Depression.

Yep, it’s the old law of supply and demand, one of the most basic fundamentals we all learned in high school economics class.

It didn’t take long before other Twitter users reminded Jordan just how ridiculous his tweet was:

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