A Republican candidate in Michigan whose own daughter urged people to vote against him in 2020 literally said that women should “lie back and enjoy” being raped if it’s “inevitable” during an event on Facebook that shocked attendees.

Robert Regan is once again running for a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives after failing to win the same seat in 2020. During that election, one of his own daughters warned voters not to elect him.

“If you’re in Michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. tell everyone,” Stephanie Regan wrote on Twitter.

Of course, Regan believes the 2020 election was “stolen” by Democrats. But he also apparently believes women should enjoy being raped.

“Having three daughters, I tell my daughters, ‘Well, if rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it,’” Regan horrifyingly said during the Facebook Live event.

He’s not the first Republican to utter such a disgusting remark about women and rape. But it’s clear that the Republican Party of today is the party of rape.

And if that were not enough, Regan went on to defend Russia and Vladimir Putin by arguing that Putin invaded Ukraine to protect his people.

“Putin said, ‘I have to protect my country, I have to protect my children, and I can’t count on the United States,’” Regan said. “So what he did was took some proactive action, he went into Ukraine, knocked out the bio labs, knocked out the missile sites, so he can protect his people.”

None of this is true. Ukraine does not pose a threat to Russia even if it were to join NATO. And Putin is killing civilians and bombing schools and hospitals, which are definitely not military targets. The fact is that national Republicans are running away from Putin after initially touting their support of his invasion.

So, not only are Republicans pro-rape, they are quite evidently still pro-Putin.

Regan’s remarks were so extreme that Republican Tori Sachs of the Michigan Freedom Fund roundly condemned him and endorsed his opponent.

“Regan’s disgusting and dehumanizing comments on the horror of sexual assault along with his support of murderous dictator Vladimir Putin are despicable and completely disqualify him from holding public office,” Sachs said. “I teach my four young daughters to stand up for themselves, to know their worth, and to fight back and speak out against creeps like Regan.”

Still, it’s because Republicans are running candidates like Regan that voters need to rise up and deny them public office at every level of government. They are a threat to women, and they are a threat to our country and to our democracy.

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