Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), unlike other Republicans, actually opposes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, so he trolled the Russian Embassy by mocking Russia’s recent loss of a military vehicle that Ukrainians captured and towed with an ordinary tractor.

Russian soldiers left the armored vehicle unattended just long enough for a tractor to swing by and tow it out of the way, resulting in an embarrassing loss for the Russians.

It’s just one of the many ways the Ukrainians have been fighting against Russian forces since Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of the country earlier this month.

In recognition of the Ukrainian capture of the armored vehicle, Kinzinger directed a post to the Russian Embassy featuring a model tractor towing a model military vehicle and promised that he would get the model for them as a gift.

Twitter users certainly took delight in Kinzinger’s post, even posting other examples of Ukrainians towing away Russian military equipment with tractors.

Russia has reportedly lost over 10,000 soldiers, hundreds of tanks, and dozens of fighter jets. The Russians need to accept defeat and retreat from Ukraine before they lose more and become more of a laughingstock than they already are.

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