According to “Fox & Friends” co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy, the Biden White House isn’t any better than Russia and Vladimir Putin simply because the administration met with TikTok stars this week to explain how the invasion of Ukraine has impacted gas prices in the United States.

After playing a video clip of TikTok influencer Ellie Zeiler telling her followers how Russia’s actions are causing a steep rise in the price of oil and gas, Campos-Duffy turned to fellow co-host Brian Kilmeade and asked:

“So, Brian, how is our White House any better than Russia in spewing out this kind of propaganda? I mean, using basically useful idiots essentially to just spew out lies.”

Kilmeade responded:

“Well, the president is a Democrat, and he’s trying to save the midterms so what he wants to do is get the whole 18 to 24s or maybe he will get those 16-year-olds to vote, which I think was an aspiration of the west coast.

“Sooner or later the TikTok-ers will realize they are being used by the White House. But it’s a savvy move.”

Campos-Duffy then declared:

“The American people aren’t as dumb as they think they are and the polls show that. The American people are not buying Putin as the blame.”

Actually, the polls show that some 63% of Americans are willing to pay more for gasoline as a result of not importing any oil from Russia. Putin is a major part of the blame, whether Campos-Duffy accepts that fact or not.

In another segment that also focused on Russia and the war in Ukraine, Campos-Duffy asserted that the blame for Putin’s actions can be placed on the United States, Mediaite reports:

Then Campos-Duffy blamed the Biden administration, saying “Provoking this war has brought our two enemies.”

“We did not provoke the war,” a clearly frustrated Kilmeade shot back. “They provoked war.”

“They had a red line,” Campos-Duffy explained, to which Kilmeade replied, “They can’t make a red line in other countries, Rachel.”

Fox loves to bill itself as being pro-American, but when a Democrat is in the White House, it seems they’d rather defend a mass murdering tyrant like Vladimir Putin. Makes you wonder why they’re so eager to be on the side of our enemies.

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