Fox News host Tucker Carlson proved once again on Thursday that while he can dish out criticism and mockery of those he disagrees with politically, he certainly can’t take it when anyone dares to fire back at him for the things he says nightly on his show.

Rep. Michael McFaul (R-TX) has been a harsh critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, supporting the Biden administration’s continued efforts to arm the Ukrainian freedom fighters. On Thursday, he called Putin a “war criminal.”

“Putin will be remembered as a war criminal, and this footage shared by @ZelenskyyUa  in his address to Congress is proof. History will judge us for how we respond, and we must continue to support Ukraine with lethal weapons and air defense.”

That led Carlson to feign an air of outrage as he told viewers:

“In recent days, McCaul has told a number of people that this show is an organ of Russian disinformation.”

The Fox host also whined that he didn’t appreciate being portrayed as a “disloyal American” who is “doing the bidding of a foreign power.”

Carlson added:

“That is not fine. That is slander.

“We don’t care what the Russian government does.”

And then there was this from the Fox host:

“So you have to ask yourself, why are so many Republicans suddenly talking like Joe Biden? And the answer is, because the big questions, the questions that matter, they agree with each other and you should know that.”

Is what McFaul said actually slander? That’s for others to decide, but both Carlson and Fox have been fawning over Putin for years. As a matter of fact, Putin has even told Russian state TV stations to run clips of Carlson praising him and his invasion of Ukraine.

How do you know when you’re a Russian asset? When even Russia loves what you’re saying.