Even though he’s been a washed up, talentless actor for years now, you probably remember Kevin Sorbo from “Hercules.”

Instead of acting or doing anything constructive these days, Sorbo instead traffics in conspiracy theories and hot takes that he shares on Twitter so the entire world can read them and pelt him with social media mockery.

Such is the case with a tweet Sorbo sent out about the flu:

“Remember when we treated the flu with tea, soup, and saltines instead of communism.”

Remember when we treated the flu with tea, soup, and saltines instead of communism.

— Kevin Sorbo (@ksorbs) March 18, 2022

Yeah, we all remember being given tea, soup, and saltines when we had the flu, but how did communism get into the mix? Are we supposed to let influenza and COVID run rampant instead of fighting them with all the medical knowledge and technology we have at our disposal? Quite frankly, if we all wore protective masks during flu season, there’d be a reduced spread which would be good for everyone.

But hey, why do what doctors and scientists recommend when instead you can ride your right-wing hobby horse and solve no problem other than adding to the misinformation that can be found all over social media?

It didn’t take long before Sorbo got lit up on Twitter, and some even gave him a new nickname: Jerkules.

Featured Image Via NBC News