Fox News is officially a Russian propaganda network, and host Sean Hannity made it obvious on Friday night by literally citing a Vladimir Putin spokesman to launch an attack against President Joe Biden.

The right-wing propaganda arm has been siding with Putin ever since Russia invaded Ukraine several weeks ago, with Tucker Carlson being Putin’s primary defender. Even Russian state media is replaying Carlson’s show to misinform the Russian people.

But Hannity is also a Putin defender, so much so that he cited Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov to attack Biden, who has been standing firm as an ally of Ukraine and democracy along with a majority of the American people.

Peskov repeated a GOP talking point that falsely accuses Biden of being forgetful and fatigued and that he’s being aggressive toward Russia because of it.

It’s literally the same bullsh*t Republicans and Fox hosts like Hannity have parroted for years about Biden, even going so far as to falsely claim Biden has dementia, which is a clear-cut case of projection since Donald Trump often demonstrated that he was and still remains mentally unfit to be president.

Several members of the GOP initially supported Putin, but have since tried backing away from him. Other Republicans, like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), continue to support Russia and spread Putin’s propaganda.

The Republican Party and Fox News are two organizations full of anti-American traitors who hate democracy and love Putin. These fascists are out of control and must be removed from office and the public airwaves. There is no room in this country for Russian shills like Hannity and Carlson. They are on the wrong side of history and their propaganda is a threat to national security and freedom.

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