The so-called “Freedom Convoy” organized by conservative truckers in a bid to shut down Washington DC until President Joe Biden surrenders to their ridiculous demands slowed down to a snail’s pace thanks to a lone bicyclist.

The conservative truckers are demanding the end of COVID-19 safety measures and vaccine mandates despite the death toll continuing to rise because of the virus. They were motivated by a similar attempt to protest mandates when some truckers tried to block an entrance on the border last month that ended in arrests.

So far, the DC trucker convoy has only been effective at drawing laughter at themselves as their attempts to shut down the Beltway have failed miserably.

On Saturday, Metropolitan Police further complicated their scheme.

“Fox 5’s Matthew Cappucci reported that traffic was backed up Saturday afternoon along I-395 and I-695, going from Virginia into the downtown D.C. area. Police closed off several exits in the area as a result of the convoys, and were guiding traffic southward away from the city,” Fox 5 reports. “The Metropolitan Police Department says road closures will be implemented throughout the day Saturday to help deal with the heavy traffic.”

At one point, the truckers aggressively targeted a Tesla that allegedly brake-checked them according to The Daily Beast.

“Truck drivers with the so-called “People’s Convoy” boxed in a white Tesla on Saturday afternoon, sparking a clash with fellow truckers,” the report said. “A lead convoy participant, who goes by the alias ‘Sasnak’ on YouTube, captured a video of truckers boxing in the car near the Frederick, Maryland area after the freeway driver in question allegedly brake-checked convoy-goers.”

Clearly, these truckers are a danger on the road and need to be stopped and arrested by police before somebody gets killed.

But the hero of the day was a single bicyclist who slowly pedaled in front of the convoy down the street, drawing honks of frustration from the drivers as they had to slow down to a crawl.

It should also be pointed out that these truckers must be spending a fortune on diesel fuel to fill their rigs since the price is over $5.00 a gallon now due to corporate greed and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Of course, the truckers are probably blaming Biden.

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