During a fundraiser he held at his Mar-a-Lago resort this week, former President Donald Trump told a member of the group “Gays for Trump” that he didn’t “look gay,” proving yet again that the failed ex-president never misses an opportunity to make a complete jackass of himself in public.

Newsweek reports that the fundraiser was for a GOP congressional candidate that has been endorsed by Trump:

Trump held the fundraiser for Michigan Republican congressional candidate John Gibbs, who is opposing freshmen GOP Representative Peter Meijer. Gibbs served in the Trump administration as an official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Meijer drew Trump’s ire after he joined nine other House Republicans in voting to impeach the then-president in January 2021 for inciting his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol.

The exchange began when Trump asked, “Where’s Gays for Trump?”

A member of the audience responded:

“We’re over here.”

Pointing in the direction of where the person had spoken, Trump remarked:

“You don’t look gay.”

Peter Boykin, the founder of Gays for Trump was asked about Trump’s comment:

“Unless one of us was wearing a joker suit, meh. Gays For Trump is a nationwide movement full of various types of gays and the gay community has a lot of diversity—the difference is the Gays for Trump lean right.”

But as David Hudson, deputy editor of Gay Star News wrote in 2018:

“But what of that statement? ‘You don’t look gay.’ How are we supposed to react to that? Is it being offered as a statement of surprise? Or as a clunky and misguided compliment? At the very least, it would suggest the person saying it thinks gay people look a certain way.”

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