Mr. T is a beloved actor who fought Rocky Balboa in the ring and helped people as a member of the “A-Team” during an iconic Hollywood career. And Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is a pathetic politician who foolishly attacked him on Twitter.

In a Twitter post, Mr. T announced that he had received his second COVID booster shot to protect himself and others from contracting the virus. He also noted that he is still wearing a mask as well.

But Cruz, who has a history of being a total douchebag on the social media platform whenever anyone does something he doesn’t like, targeted Mr. T by griping about him wearing a mask.

Again, wearing a mask reduces the risk of contracting and spreading the virus. It has been proven time and time again. Mr. T individually chose to wear a mask. So while conservatives whine about mask mandates, they are also being hypocrites by attacking people for choosing to wear a mask voluntarily.

Twitter users pointed that out and more in response to Cruz’s stupidity.

Let’s not forget that Ted Cruz fled Texas for Cancun and abandoned his constituents in the process while they froze to death during a winter storm. He also helped incite the Capitol insurrection and voted to overturn the 2020 election. He’s not a patriot, he’s a spineless traitor. If Mr. T, who, unlike Cruz, served in the United States military, was presently not a pacifist, Cruz would never have opened his mouth.

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