In a despicable rant on Facebook last week, Hampton City GOP electoral board chair David Dietrich called Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and retired General Russell Honore “dirty stinking n*ggers.”

Austin and Honore have both served this nation in uniform honorably, with the former being selected by President Joe Biden to run the Pentagon while the latter investigates the security failures at the Capitol to determine how hundreds of Trump supporters were able to violently storm the building on January 6, 2021, in a scheme to overthrow democracy.

Both men also happen to be Black, which triggers Republicans. One Republican, in particular, David Dietrich, threw a temper tantrum on Facebook in which he referred to them as “n*ggers” and called for them to be publicly lynched. This is just days after Biden signed a law making lynching a federal hate crime.

“The situation with the United States military is getting more disgusting and dangerous by the day,” Dietrich wrote, complaining about Austin’s effort to boot white nationalists out of the military.

Interestingly, while Republicans have frequently denied that white nationalists are in their party, Dietrich referred to them as “conservative, freedom-loving Americans.”

He then goes on to complain about Honore leading the effort to improve Capitol security, which every American should actually want considering what happened on January 6th. But not Dietrich.

“These so-called ‘leaders’ are so vile and racist, there’s no way to describe them other than in terms their own people understand,” he continued. “They are nothing more than dirty, stinking n*ggers.”

And then he called for murdering them.

“We are being forced into a corner by these enemies of the People. If it is a civil war they want, they will get it in spades,” he concluded. “Perhaps the best way to pull us back from the brink is a good public lynching.”

In response, the Hampton City GOP condemned the remarks and said Dietrich should be expelled:

Late last week, the Republican Party of Hampton was made aware of a Facebook post from David Dietrich, a Hampton Electoral Board Member. In the post, Mr. Dietrich uses abhorrent and unacceptable racist language that has no place in our Party or our Commonwealth.

Immediately after learning of the Facebook post, the Republican Party of Hampton demanded Mr. Dietrich’s resignation. In light of Mr. Dietrich’s refusal to resign, the Hampton City Republican Party has asked the chief judge of the Hampton Circuit Court, the appointing authority for all electoral board members, to remove Mr. Dietrich from his position.

The Hampton City Republican Party unequivocally condemns all forms of racism and bigotry, and specifically condemns the language employed by Mr. Dietrich.

Here’s an image of Dietrich’s post and the Hampton City GOP’s response via Facebook:

Sadly, Dietrich’s post is how many Republicans actually feel about people of color in America. Look no further than how Senate Republicans treated the eminently qualified Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings. In fact, such views have taken over the party in recent years, and that’s why Republicans do not deserve to be in public office.

Featured Image: Wikimedia