Greg Locke is a pastor in Tennessee, but for a man who claims to worship the Prince of Peace, he certainly has some incredibly militaristic and violent ideas about how to deal with anyone he disagrees with politically.

During a speech on Monday, Locke said that he had authorized using firearms against members of the news media whom he accused of playing “Democrat games” by attending services at his church:

“We have to stop compromising to the propaganda. One of the things we did to push back against the nonsense is not only put up a sign but told our folks, we so believe in our First Amendment right to gather under this tent and to worship Jesus Christ that if you show up with your propaganda machine and you try to impede on our First Amendment right, I said, our boys will meet you at the doors of this tent our Second Amendment right because we’re not playing your Democrat games.”

Keep in mind this is the same Greg Locke who has also suggested that the Second Amendment is the solution to censorship of conservatives on social media sites such as Twitter.

Is that what would Jesus would do? Of course not, but religious bigots like Greg Locke don’t actually subscribe to the message of love and forgiveness preached by Jesus. Instead, they believe in using religion to justify acts of domestic terrorism and hatred of others.

Locke’s call for violence didn’t sit well with most Twitter users.

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