The three co-hosts of “Fox & Friends” expressed sympathy with the man who is suspected of opening fire on a Brooklyn subway car, justifying his actions in response to homeless people who reside in the subways across the city.

CNN reports that Frank James has been named as the top suspect in the shooting, which left 29 people hospitalized:

New York officials are now referring to Frank James as a suspect in connection with the Brooklyn subway shooting.

NYPD spokesperson Lt. Thomas Antonetti told CNN the investigation has now allowed for him to be referred to as a suspect.

Police believe he is responsible for the shooting, Antonetti said.

Investigators previously named James a “person of interest,” who they believe rented a U-Haul van that has been connected to the shooting at the 36th Street subway station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park.

James, 62, has addresses in Wisconsin as well as Philadelphia, where the U-Haul was rented, NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig said.

That led the Fox hosts to note that James had posted videos online in which he complained about the homeless, with Steve Doocy remarking:

“He said there was no place to sit because the cars were full.”

Ainsley Earhardt agreed with Doocy:

“That’s true actually.”

And then Brian Kilmeade went on an extended rant about homelessness in New York City:

“Yeah, Mayor [Bill] de Blasio thought it was a good idea to leave the homeless on the trains and let them become apartment buildings. The big thing is about the homeless, you don’t look at them and say that family of four couldn’t make rent. You look at them and say this guy is nuts.

“And I can’t tell you how many guys, you look at them and you go, that is an aggressive person that you do not want to turn your back on. And that’s been the case when there was four people in the city in the middle of the pandemic. And it’s the case now that ridership is back up 60%.”

Earhardt again chimed in:

“You ride it every day and if you see a homeless person, usually they’re lying down asleep on one of the benches.”

Kilmeade: “Or they’ve got that look in their eye like they’re about to attack.”

“Yelling and screaming and ranting,” Earhardt continued. “And people are trying not to look at them because you are just scared that you’re going to make eye contact and they’re going to come after you.”

Apparently, if you’re a homeless person in New York, Fox News thinks your life is expendable and doesn’t count for anything. After all, you don’t have a place to live, so what’s the big deal if some nut decides to open fire on you?

It’s been said before but needs to be repeated: Fox News is a toxic entity in this country. They spread lies, conspiracy theories, and hatred. They defend the indefensible and suggest everything that’s wrong in the U.S. is all the fault of the less fortunate.

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