Donald Trump attacked former Attorney General Bill Barr on Wednesday night for not trying to overturn the 2020 Election for him and admitted to committing high crimes in the process.

Senate Republicans acquitted Trump at the end of his second impeachment in the wake of the Capitol insurrection on January 6th, with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) remarking at the time that Trump could be prosecuted.

Trump and many Republicans have also frequently claimed that he did nothing wrong to warrant impeachment.

Well, Trump himself admitted that his conduct surrounding the 2020 Election was an impeachable offense and he knew damn well that it was at the time.

During an interview on Fox News, Trump complained about Barr’s refusal to interfere with the outcome of the election because he didn’t want to be impeached.

“I just don’t think the people of this country are going to take it,” Trump began. “Look, we also had a chance, but Bill Barr, the attorney general, didn’t want to be impeached.”

“He didn’t want to get impeached. How do you not get impeached? You just sit back and relax and wait out for your term to end — and that’s what he did,” Trump continued. “And it was a sad thing and a sad day for our country. But you know what, had Bill Barr the courage, a lot of this could have been taken care of.”

“I said, ‘Look, get impeached. I went up a lot in the polls when I got impeached. You have to get impeached, maybe,'” Trump concluded. “But he was so afraid of getting impeached he refused to do his job.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

So, Barr did not want to get impeached, so he did the right thing by refusing to get involved in Trump’s conspiracy to overthrow democracy. But that also means Trump knew he was committing impeachable offenses, which means he knew he was committing crimes.

The DOJ must take action. Trump just incriminated himself on camera again. How many times does he have to publicly admit wrongdoing before the DOJ does its job? Because while Barr did the right thing by refusing to help Trump, Attorney General Merrick Garland is doing the wrong thing by refusing to defend democracy and the rule of law from a habitual lawbreaker.

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