The RNC voted unanimously this week against GOP participation in presidential debates organized by the bipartisan Presidential Debate Commission, making it clear that they are petty cowards.

The commission has been organizing debates between the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees since it was jointly founded by both parties in 1987. That effort includes agreeing on location, format, and moderators, but because Donald Trump whined about the debates during the 2020 Election and actually skipped one of them over not getting a biased moderator that would favor him over President Joe Biden, the RNC voted against future participation.

RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, who recently voted to censure Reps. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) and Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) for serving on the House January 6th Committee, had the gall to claim that Republicans still believe in debates. McDaniel also referred to the insurrection as “legitimate political discourse.”

“Debates are an important part of the democratic process, and the RNC is committed to free and fair debates,” McDaniel said in a statement. “Today, the RNC voted to withdraw from the biased CPD, and we are going to find newer, better debate platforms to ensure that future nominees are not forced to go through the biased CPD in order to make their case to the American people.”

Trump is upset because the moderators were not pro-Trump enough and would not engage in his ridiculous conspiracies. Now the GOP wants to hide from the American people because they know debate would expose their un-American agenda. Refusing to engage in debates only tells the American people that Republicans are scared and that they have no ideas to run on.

President Biden, frankly, should show up to the debates anyway and answer questions, Meanwhile, all major news outlets should refuse to air footage of any dog and pony show “debate” organized by the RNC. Deny them a national platform. Moderators have, in fact, been fair to the nominees in past debates, including in 2016 and 2020. The idea that they are biased is just an excuse Republicans are using to justify not participating because they traditionally perform terribly against their better prepared and more intelligent Democratic opponents.

Debates are crucial for a democracy to thrive. That’s why Republicans now oppose them. Because they hate democracy and want to end it.

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