As she tries to make her political comeback, former Alaska Republican Gov. Sarah Palin is suggesting that she’s just as much of a “maverick” as she was when the late Sen. John McCain chose her to be his running mate in 2008.

But in the 14 years since she burst onto the national scene, many conservatives in Alaska who supported Palin for governor now say they won’t be casting a ballot for her as she seeks to replace the late Rep. Don Young (R-AK), who passed away in March.

One of those Alaskans, Ron Johnson, told NPR:

“I think she’s out of touch with Alaskans right now. She’s moved into a different circle. She was a vice presidential candidate. Yeah, I don’t think that the people here — we don’t take her very seriously.”

Karina Wentworth, who has also voted for Palin the past, said she can’t support Palin because she’s little more than an “embarrassment.”

“That (national) attention … to me it’s just made her more of an embarrassment to Alaskans than someone to respect and support.

“Her focus has become more centered on herself and less on Alaska. So yeah, I would like to see a candidate that is more Alaska-focused.”

Others branded Palin a “quitter” for resigning as governor before her term in office was completed:

In a survey about three years after Palin resigned from the governor’s office, Anchorage pollster Ivan Moore said, more than half of Alaskans had a negative view of her.

“We asked them why, and ‘quit,’ ‘quitter’ — all the way down, every other comment was ‘quit’ or ‘quitter,'” Moore said.

Moore asked Alaskans again in October whether they have a positive or negative view of Palin.

“Her positive-negative came back at 31 positive, 56 negative. So that’s the immediate problem,” said Moore, who previously did work for other candidates in the race.

Palin will be facing 47(!) other challengers to replace Young. And despite what some Alaskans had to say about her, she does possess significant name recognition, which is always helpful for a candidate, especially in a crowded field.

If indeed Palin does win in November, she’ll no doubt feel right at home with Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO), both of whom have taken Palin’s vapid demeanor to the nth degree.

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