Al Franken is back — and perhaps better than ever.

The former senator is currently on a speaking tour. One that promises to bring some actual truth back to our political discourse. His current tour is dubbed, “The Only U.S. Senator Currently On Tour Tour.”

As a preview of his remaining dates, Franken released a promotional video. In that video, which runs roughly seven or eight minutes long, Franken breaks down how far the rabbit hole of disinformation many have fallen.

Franken starts by going back to the days of Rush Limbaugh. He reminds the audience about how Limbaugh “shamelessly” used “sleight of hand” to deceive his audience during the Bush v Clinton campaign. He then connects that to where we are now dealing with the “big lie” and “alternative facts.”

Franken reminds the audience that the term “alternative facts” began with Kellyanne Conway’s shameless defense of Trump Press Secretary, Sean Spicer. Spicer insisted that his boss’s crowd at the inauguration was bigger than Obama’s.

It wasn’t.

Franken then wonders aloud about how that connects to what is happening in Russia today. Russians are being told, and believe in large numbers, that Putin’s purpose in Ukraine is to “stop Nazis.”

It isn’t.

Putin isn’t hunting Nazis or exposing “bioweapons labs.”

While we might wonder how the Russian people can believe such a lie, is America really doing much better?

In the estimation of Al Franken, not really.

In fact, Franken’s case can easily be made by the fact that many Americans fell for the bioweapons lab lie.

Beyond that, the former senator sees how millions of Americans believed lie after lie from Trump — from the inauguration to being led to violence with conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

Perhaps Russians aren’t the only ones susceptible to lies. Perhaps in 2022, we are what George Orwell predicted in his book, 1984.

Franken connects how Trump and his administration effectively became “The Ministry of Truth” that Orwell warned about.

Franken will be covering this and other subjects during his upcoming speaking engagements. It is safe to assume that he will do it with style, grace, intelligence, and humor — because that is the Al Franken way.

Check out the full preview from Al Franken himself below:

Former Senator Al Franken’s tour continues through September. Below are the dates remaining:

For those interested, tickets can be purchased here


Featured image via screen capture.