Rachel Hamm is hoping to be the next California secretary of state, and she says she’s incredibly confident she’ll win because she believes God will commit voter fraud to guarantee she’s victorious.

During an interview on Thursday, Hamm proudly declared:

“I would pray that I win. One thing that I have been doing is praying that if anyone tries to steal a vote, that God would send the angels to steal the vote back. To make it an honest vote.”

That’s not all Hamm had to say about how God is leading her to run for office. See, she also thinks that the deity spoke to her son in a closet and handed him a scroll which insisted that she throw her hat into the political ring:

The idea that God was hiding in a closet certainly raises some interesting questions which Ms. Hamm likely wouldn’t  understand if asked her.

Reaction on Twitter was swift and downright hilarious.

Someone needs to drop a net over Rachel Hamm and make sure she takes her Thorazine.

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