Another Republican who brought shame to his country died this week as former Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) passed away. But while conservatives and some Democrats are rushing to offer praise and reverence, some Twitter users are pointing out why he deserves neither.

Hatch had been one of the longest-serving Republican senators prior to his retirement in 2018. To replace him, Utah voters elected Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah), who would go on to demonstrate that, unlike Hatch, he would not be a rubber stamp for Donald Trump. In fact, Romney would voted to convict Trump in both of his impeachment trials.

It’s hard to believe that Hatch would have done the same thing considering his allegiance to Trump when he left office.

Since news of Hatch’s death, Republicans and Democrats have been issuing statements gushing over him, calling him a “legend,” “kind,” and a lawmaker who worked with the opposing party.

However, these glowing tributes forget about or straight up ignore the dark side of Hatch’s political life. Thankfully, Twitter users reminded everyone.

Now, it’s not like Hatch did not do some good while in office. He fought against his own party to pass CHIP, a health insurance coverage program for children. He also voted to confirm the late-Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to the Supreme Court. But the point is that Hatch is receiving an overwhelming number of tributes that ignore the fact that he has fought against women’s rights for decades, treated Anita Hill like sh*t during the confirmation hearings that put corrupt Justice Clarence Thomas on the high court, pushed economic policies that put our country deeper in debt and screwed over the middle class and the poor, and supported Donald Trump like a loyal toady.

This man not only did not deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom Trump hung around his neck, but he is also not worthy of the kind of blind praise and reverence he is receiving now in death.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons