For quite some time now it’s been obvious that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) loves the spotlight and will do almost anything to draw attention to himself, even when doing so only serves to reinforce what a complete jerk he is.

Such was the case on Thursday during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee with Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas as the witness.

Jordan began by asking Secretary Mayorkas:

 “Have you done anything right?”

Rather than letting the secretary respond, Jordan began ranting:

“We have a Secretary of Homeland Security who is intentionally, deliberately, in a premeditated fashion…executing a plan to overwhelm our country with millions and millions of illegal migrants.”

The Ohio Republican then made reference to the Biden administration’s plan to lift Title 42, which give the United States the power to deport illegal migrants in the interest of controlling the COVID pandemic.:

“Next month you’re going to make it worse.”

Jordan added:

“We’ve never seen before you do anything right when it comes to the border.”

When the chair of the committee informed Jordan that his time had expired, he had a white-hot meltdown and shouted:

“We want to know if anyone on the terrorism watch list have been released and he won’t answer that question!”

Jordan continued to talk, even as he was repeatedly informed that his time had expired, rattling on about not getting answers to his questions.

The irony of Jordan asking about any migrants being on the terrorism watch list is that he and others in the GOP have been steadfastly opposed to denying anyone on such a list the right to buy a gun. Apparently Republicans don’t mind if suspected terrorists have weapons.

Oh, and another thing: Remember the border wall that former President Donald Trump claimed would be the great panacea for illegal immigration on the U.S.-Mexico border? There are already numerous reports of easy ways to cut the steel baffles that compose the fencing and walk right into the United States.

Other sections of the ballyhooed wall are collapsing due to seasonal rainstorms. And of course we’re still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall, which Trump swore he’d be sure and make a reality.

Here’s the video from today’s House hearing:

Featured Image: Screenshot