When Meghan McCain left “The View” last year, she made it clear she was planning to finish a memoir she had been working on.

But based on the early sales figures, McCain might want to see about getting her TV gig back, because she most certainly isn’t going to be paying her bills with the pathetic results that have come in so far.

Bad Republican: A Memoir was released on April 26, and is described on Amazon this way:

McCain “expresses how it is to feel like you no longer fit in with your political party.”

She tells of growing up the daughter of an American icon who shaped her life and details the heartbreaking final moments spent by his side. She recalls her (mis)adventures on the New York dating scene and brings us up to speed on meeting her now-husband. We hear her views on cancel culture and internet trolls as well as life backstage as the sole Republican at America’s most-watched daytime talk show—and why she decided to leave.

Total sales to date? A whopping 244 copies.

Some of the reviews from those who did read the book are less than complimentary, with one person writing:

“I was so looking forward to reading this as I am an independent and appreciate someone who can see all sides. What I got was a whiny little girl who complained about LIFE everything in life that EVERYONE has to deal with and most do it without feeling sorry for themselves… she is beyond blessed with family support and financial resources and she still whines about EVERYTHING that is simply life. so sorry I wasted my time.”

McCain frequently had major disagreements with her co-hosts on “The View,” often getting taken to task for her remarks about Democrats and progressive policies that she said went against her conservative beliefs.

US magazine had this to say about one of the most cringeworthy moments while McCain was still a co-host on “The View”:

As Trump prepared to relaunch his presidential campaign in the hopes of winning reelection, McCain butted heads with Behar once more. Recalling a conversation she had with someone else explaining the allure of the president to his followers, the former Fox pundit told viewers in June 2019, “I was like, ‘Sometimes it’s not that they love Trump so much, it’s that they hate the same things Trump hates.'”

Her liberal costar cut in, “Who, black people, you mean, and immigrants? Who do they hate?” Goldberg tried to quell tensions between the two to no avail. Behar continued after McCain, who responded by calling her a “bitch.”

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