Now that it has become clear former President Donald Trump isn’t about to be reappointed at head of state, some members of the extreme fringe QAnon movement are now “intercepting” (i.e. temporarily kidnapping) migrant children who are crossing the U.S.-Mexico border and using them for the purposes of propaganda, according to a disturbing new report from the New York Times.

One of those QAnon members is Jason Frank, who uses the promise of free hamburgers and hot dogs to lure immigrant kids into posing for photos that will be disseminated to promote the conspiracy theory that children from around the world are being sexually trafficked by a cabal of liberal political figures who control most of the major western nations:

Frank, a QAnon influencer whose Facebook page in recent months has shown him pictured with such conservative celebrities as Donald J. Trump Jr., Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell, has fashioned his team into a new style of border enforcers, motivated not so much by halting immigration as by guarding the country from other perceived threats — in this case, an unfounded conspiracy theory that migrant children are being funneled into pedophilia rings.

“They are being trafficked, sex trafficked. That’s the No. 1 trade.”

That’s simply not true, according to Stacey Sutherland, an official with the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network:

“We haven’t heard about migrant children brought in to be sex workers or slaves. At the border, it’s overwhelmingly people who paid to be smuggled.”

Chris Nanos, sheriff of Pima County, Arizona couldn’t hide his utter disdain for the QAnon crowd, branding them “nut jobs,” and noting:

“If they are interfering with migrants crossing, Border Patrol should deal with it.”

As with nearly everything conspiracy theorists such as QAnon members do, their real intent isn’t to help, but to exploit for their own sick view of the world, with Mia Bloom, the co-author of Pastels and Pedophiles: Inside the Mind of QAnon, explaining:

“The kids are a prop for them to use to spread their message.”

Props for a message of fear, paranoia, and hatred. QAnon is a cult, and their only motivation is spreading their lies to other gullible people.

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