Things went awry during a segment on Tucker Carlson’s nightly Fox News show Monday evening when a woman protesting outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito suddenly held up her middle finger and flipped off viewers.

HuffPost reports:

Carlson told viewers he was about to broadcast “live pictures” of a protest outside the home of Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito, author of a leaked draft opinion that, if issued, would overturn Roe v. Wade. Carlson noted that this was “what it looks like when you write an opinion the mob doesn’t like.”

Rather than a seething mob, however, the live footage featured a woman speaking into a megaphone with some people standing behind her.

At one point, the woman raised a middle finger.

As soon as Carlson saw the finger, he exclaimed, “Ah! Let’s turn that off, too much.”

Offended by a flying birdie, Tucker? Keep in mind this the very same Tucker Carlson who recently did a report on men tanning their testicles in an effort to become more manly.

Featured Image: Screenshot