Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is the reason why the Supreme Court has an anti-abortion majority today, but rather than be upset about the impending overturning of Roe v Wade, Collins is busy calling the police over a pro-choice message written on the sidewalk near her home.

Soon after the draft majority opinion leaked revealing that the conservative majority on the court intends to overturn a woman’s right to choose, Collins spoke disappointingly about the decision and expressed shock that Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch, and Amy Coney Barrett lied to the Senate during their confirmation hearings by stating that Roe v Wade is settled law.

She has since been called upon to lead impeachment efforts against them. Of course, Collins can’t even be bothered to vote for the passage of legislation that would codify Roe v Wade. After all, she voted against the measure this week even though she claims to be pro-choice.

Protests in support of abortion rights have spread across the country. One protester creatively wrote a message in chalk on a sidewalk outside Collins’ home calling on her to support the bill. Rather than acknowledge the message, Collins chose to freak out and call the police instead even though the protest was not threatening in any way and did not deface any of her private property because sidewalks are public spaces. At any rate, chalking on a sidewalk is not considered defacing anyway. Is Collins saying she would call the police on little kids playing hopscotch or drawing pictures that will just wash away during the next rain?

Twitter users had a field day with Collins’ snowflake behavior.

Collins has betrayed women and the nation time and time again. It’s time for her to be held accountable for her lies. Because she’s either lying or she’s easily duped, either of which makes her unfit to hold public office of any kind.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons