Ever since he first opened his mouth on the House floor in 2006, it’s been painfully clear that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) likes to utter the most absurd, head-scratching, and downright disgusting remarks imaginable.

Such was the case Wednesday during a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, which was taking testimony on the issue of abortion, an issue that has come to the fore since a draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked to Politico earlier this month.

Gohmert began his remarks by insisting that the “my body, my choice” slogan needs to be applied to COVID-19 vaccine mandates:

“The same people that seem to think when it comes to a vaccination, it’s not your body and it’s not your choice.”

The Texas Republican then turned his attention to anti-abortion activist Catherine Foster, who was testifying before the committee, and asked her:

“Do you believe that people have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies?”

Foster replied:

“I believe in protecting every human being. Whatever you call that is what I’m for. And that absolutely includes human beings in the womb.”

And that’s when Gohmert began asking about the right to “drown” a child, which has never been a part of the abortion debate because a fetus isn’t the same as a child once it has left the womb:

“We’ve heard testimony about the mental duress of carrying a child. And of course, I’m sure you’re aware of what’s called postpartum depression. Some have it very severely and I’m wondering if a mother is suffering severe depression as a result of having a child that she’s not mentally a physically able to take care of, do you believe that a mother should have the right, like, to drown a child, to get rid of the child because of the mental stress and duress and problems that the mother is having?”


“That would be horrifying. And that’s why we have safe haven laws to provide support and resources and an outlet for women in difficult situations.”

Of course, neither Gohmert or Foster bothered to explain where in the current law regarding abortion there’s a section that allows for drowning children because it doesn’t exist. The congressman is simply trying to equate two different actions and suggest they’re the same, when they aren’t.

How do you know the “pro-choice” advocates are grasping at straws? When they start suggesting that aborting a fetus is the same as drowning a child.

Here’s the video:

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