Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden to help get his son into Georgetown: Report

Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden to help get his son into Georgetown: Report

Ever since it became clear that Joe Biden was likely to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, Fox News has been harping on the substance abuse problems of Hunter Biden, the president’s son. To hear some at Fox tell it, Hunter was guilty of all sorts of crimes, though they failed to provide a shred of proof to back up their claims.

Fox host Tucker Carlson has been especially snarky when it comes to Hunter Biden, telling his viewers that news the president’s son was pursuing a career as an artist made perfect sense:

“When your dad is president, you get superpowers. Maybe Hunter Biden will invent a new vaccine next we will be required to take. Who knows? You never know. The sky is the limit when your dad is in power.

And yet, despite all of the attacks on Hunter Biden, it turns out that Carlson and his wife had no problem asking him for assistance when it came to getting his son into Georgetown University, the Washington Post reports:

“I realize you don’t really know Buckley,” Susie Carlson wrote via email in 2014 to Hunter Biden, a Georgetown graduate and the son of the then-vice president. “Maybe you could meet or speak to him and he could send you a very brief resume with his interests and grades attached.”

Tucker Carlson offered that his son was a good squash player and an excellent fly fisherman. “He loves Washington for all the right reasons, I think,” Carlson added, “and really wants to go to school here.” When Biden agreed to write a letter of recommendation, Susie Carlson added a heap of praise: “Tucker and I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. Always!”

Can you say hypocrite? Tucker Carlson can, but he probably thinks the word doesn’t apply to him.

Ironically, those Carlson-Biden emails come from a device saved from a laptop that was once owned by Hunter Biden.

Asked about the pleading for help getting his son into college, Carlson refused to discuss specifics, telling The Post:

“Hunter Biden was my neighbor. Our wives were friends. I knew him well. I talked to him many times about addiction, something I know a lot about. And I’ve said that. I think that Hunter Biden is an addict and that’s why his life is falling apart, and I feel bad for him. I’ve said that many times, and I mean it.

He feels bad for him. But not bad enough to act like a human being and not attack him on the air. Which certainly suggests that Tucker Carlson isn’t much of a friend and is even less of a “journalist.”

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