Only a handful of House Republicans voted for legislation that would alleviate the baby formula shortage, proving once again that the GOP is definitely NOT pro-life.

As it turns out, House Democrats had to save the day as they voted to pass the bill. A combination of corporate greed and Donald Trump’s USMCA trade deal preventing the importation of baby formula from Canada has resulted in a dangerous shortage that could cause babies to starve to death.

Some Republicans think mothers should just produce more breastmilk, which is a seriously ignorant response considering most women simply cannot produce enough natural breastmilk to feed their babies. Some may only be able to produce little or none at all. Prior to the invention and accessibility of baby formula, babies died from a lack of nutrition.

That’s why baby formula is so vital. But Republicans, who have been recently celebrating the impending demise of Roe v Wade and are pushing numerous anti-abortion bills, callously demonstrated they are not pro-life by voting against a bill designed to alleviate the baby formula shortage via additional funding.

In all, 192 Republicans voted against it. The bill will now head to the Senate, where Senate Republicans may very well block it to make the suffering continue so they can blame it on President Joe Biden and Democrats ahead of the midterm election in November.

Americans called out House Republicans on Twitter for their hypocrisy and for not caring about babies.

Clearly, Republicans do not care about babies dying from starvation. They want an issue to campaign on instead of doing anything to actually fix the problem. They don’t belong in Congress.

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