Fox News is under fire for pushing racist conspiracy theories and inciting domestic terrorism, and that’s why a former reporter for the network is urging law enforcement to take action before more people are killed.

In the wake of the Buffalo mass shooting in which a gunman targeted black people inside a grocery store as part of racist white supremacist ideology that includes the “Great Replacement” theory, Fox News has been scrambling to distance itself from it despite Tucker Carlson pushing the theory more than 400 times. Carlson now claims he’s “not sure” what the theory is about.

Of course, Carlson knows precisely what it is, and that’s why white nationalists and white supremacists watch his show.

On Saturday, former Fox News reporter Carl Cameron told CNN that it’s time for law enforcement and the government to take action against the network in order to save lives.

“There’s a point when it becomes difficult for an executive to put up with the help,” Cameron said of the possibility of Rupert Murdoch firing Carlson. “In this particular case, Tucker has been screaming fire in a crowded movie house for years, and that cliche really comes to the matter of what is free speech, and the fact of the matter is, if you disturb starting a riot in a movie theater, cops are going to arrest you and you might end up in jail or you might end up in something worse.”

Indeed, shouting fire in a crowded movie theater would get you arrested. So why isn’t law enforcement taking action against Fox News for inciting domestic terrorism? The network previously incited conservatives to storm the Capitol in January 2021 to overthrow democracy.

The network repeatedly presented Donald Trump’s election lies as truth and pushed their viewers to do something to prevent Trump’s ouster from office.

And for years, Fox News has pandered to white nationalists and white supremacists, with Carlson taking the lead to make their racism and hatred mainstream. The whole idea has been to scare white Americans. That’s where the “Great Replacement” theory comes in because it claims people of color are replacing white people. This is what pushed the Buffalo shooter over the edge.

That means Fox News should be held accountable for filling the easily manipulated minds of their viewers with racism and hate that ends up causing murders.

“That absolutely has to stop, whether it’s the antitrust bill to take down and deplatform people who lie and put out falsehoods that cause damage and violent, violent hate, there ought to be something done about it,” Cameron said. “Democrats have to kick it in. The president has to be more forceful and sooner or later the law enforcement and the U.S. government is going to have to stop the lying because it’s causing people’s deaths.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Fox News cannot possibly convince rational people that the racism, hate, and violence they are pushing is “entertainment.” That’s just not true. The network and the hosts are inciting violence. They are inciting hate. They are poisoning minds and steering them toward violence. Carlson should be held accountable and Fox News should be shut down. It would be a public service and a major victory in the fight against domestic terrorism.

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