Despite white supremacy clearly being to blame for a racist domestic terrorist attack against black people in Buffalo just over a week ago, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) is rushing to defend white supremacists because that’s what Republicans are now.

A racist white shooter, whose own manifesto cited the “Great Replacement” theory that people of color are replacing white people, shot and killed ten black shoppers at a grocery store before being apprehended by police. Republicans and Fox News are now being called out for pushing racist conspiracy theories and white supremacist propaganda that radicalizes young white males and encourages them to commit acts of violence.

But just like Republicans defend guns after a mass shooting, they are now defending white supremacists after acts of domestic terrorism. Greene not only defended the insurrectionists who violently stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, but she is also now defending white supremacists in the wake of their latest attack.

In response to Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) speaking about white supremacy on the House floor, Greene predictably complained during an interview over the weekend and declared that people of color are the real enemy.

“Jerry Nadler was on the House floor and he was talking about white supremacy,” Greene said. “And he was bringing up the terrible shooting that happened in [Buffalo] but totally ignoring the shooting that happened in California that I think involved an Asian man who was the shooter.”

The perpetrator of the recent California church shooting is a man from mainland China who targeted a church within the Taiwanese community in Laguna Beach. It appears to be a politically motivated act of violence instead of a racist one. Greene continued her whataboutism by referencing attacks on white people by blacks.

“These people are all guilty of these crimes and it’s not about race,” she said. “It shouldn’t be about race. But they’re clearly racist as well.”

That’s a tongue twister. It’s “not about race,” Greene says, but somehow it’s “racist as well.”

And, of course, Greene didn’t stop there. She insisted that white supremacy shouldn’t be a target and went full racist by accusing Latino immigrants of conducting an “invasion.” She then shifted to crime in urban communities like Chicago, which Republicans always use as a racist dog whistle to push their “black on black” crime propaganda.

“So white supremacy shouldn’t be the main target,” Greene said. “We should be more concerned about the illegal invasion at the border, the crime happening every single day on our streets, especially in cities like Chicago. We should go after criminals that break the law and not pursue people based on their skin color and how they vote. But that’s what the Democrats want to do.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Greene has ties to white supremacists. After all, she delivered a speech at one of their events back in February. She’s one of them, so of course, she would defend white supremacy. The Buffalo mass shooting was a clearly racist act of violence and we have the manifesto proving it. Any Republican who defends white supremacists should be expelled from office and placed on a terrorism watch list because they are part of the problem.

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