After nearly two years of falsely insisting that President Joe Biden won Michigan due to voter fraud, Republicans in the state just got busted in a massive election fraud scheme.

Republicans have been lining up to challenge incumbent Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and several of them are believers in Donald Trump’s election fraud lies. Biden won Michigan legitimately by over 100,000 votes, a margin that a recount confirmed. No evidence of fraud has ever been presented in a court of law, which is why every one of Trump’s lawsuits was laughed out of court in 2020.

We now have further proof that election fraud did not happen in 2020 because several Republicans just got caught committing it. It turns out that five GOP gubernatorial candidates submitted thousands of fake signatures in order to appear on the ballot this year.

According to New York Magazine:

The GOP’s efforts to unseat Michigan’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, ran into some trouble on Tuesday when the state’s elections bureau determined that five of the ten Republican candidates had faked the signatures necessary for them to appear on the ballot. Because of the bogus ink, half of the field could now be ineligible for the August 2 primary.

Apparently, around 68,000 fake signatures were submitted, according to the Michigan Bureau of Elections, which explained the various ways Republicans executed their failed scheme.

“There was quite a bit of fraud, according to the Michigan Bureau of Elections,” NY Magazine reported. “Some compromised petition sheets ‘consisted entirely of invalid signatures.’ Others showed evidence of being ’round-tabled,’ the process in which a group of people takes turns signing names so the same handwriting isn’t repeated line after line. A few showed ‘no evidence of normal wear’ and misspellings of voters’ names, suggesting that whoever botched the job didn’t really put their full effort into trying to defraud the Wolverine State.”

Had there been election fraud in 2020, the state Bureau of Elections would have caught it just like they caught this Republican fraud. Election fraud isn’t exactly new to Republicans either. They were busted in multiple states in 2020 committing fraud on behalf of Trump, including a scheme in Pennsylvania and another in Georgia.

Now we can add Michigan Republicans to the list.

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