In one of the most ridiculous promises by a Republican ahead of the 2022 midterm election in November, Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) claimed that he would force President Joe Biden to make Donald Trump president again.

Long is a Republican candidate vying for the US Senate seat being vacated by Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), a race that includes several other wildly unqualified Republicans including corrupt former governor Eric Greitens and gun-toting lawyer Mark McCloskey.

Following up on a day in which he also blamed mass shootings on abortion, Billy Long took to Twitter to outline a basic plan to make Trump president before the 2024 Election. Step one of his plan involves forcing Vice President Kamala Harris to resign. Then he would force Biden to appoint Trump as the new vice president. And finally, Billy Long says he would force Biden to resign so Trump would be elevated to the presidency.

It’s not only Long’s plan, it’s apparently his platform, which also includes building the Keystone XL pipeline that won’t do a damn thing to lower gas prices, and finishing Trump’s southern border wall that does not work.

The problem is there is absolutely no way that Billy Long can force Harris to resign. It would take an impeachment vote in the House and conviction in the Senate to remove her from office. Even if Republicans were able to force Harris out of office, Biden can’t be forced to pick Trump to replace her as vice president. In fact, he could simply go without a vice president, which has historical precedent.

Overall, 18 presidents have completed all or part of their tenure in office without a vice president. Therefore, Long’s plan to force Biden to nominate Trump as vice president becomes nothing more than a fantasy clearly meant to pander to Trump voters. But just to finish the argument, Long can’t force Biden to resign either because it would again take impeachment to remove him, and Republicans simply will not have the votes to pull it off.

Any effort to remove Biden from office will be an obviously partisan political scheme without legal grounds to do so. Biden has not committed any high crimes or misdemeanors as the Constitution requires to justify such proceedings.

Billy Long’s rhetoric ignores the Constitution, ignores precedent, and insults the intelligence of voters. It also demonstrates why Republicans are too dangerous to be in control of any branch of government.

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