Kyle Rittenhouse is back in the news again, this time for attacking the media and complaining that his high school career was “robbed” from him. Seriously.

During an appearance on a right-wing podcast earlier this week, Rittenhouse targeted the media for accurately reporting on his killing of two unarmed Black Lives Matter protesters in Wisconsin in 2020. He also declared that he would be attending Texas A&M.

Well, apparently not, because a representative from the university said that Rittenhouse is not enrolled for summer or fall classes this year, thus contradicting his claim.

Not long after, Rittenhouse wrote on Twitter that he is attending Blinn College in preparation for Texas A&M, although he is evidently not enrolled in classes there either. But then Rittenhouse whined that his high school career was “robbed” from him and that he didn’t have time to properly prepare for college.

Let’s not forget that a then-18-year-old Rittenhouse had his mommy drive him up to Wisconsin from out-of-state so he could use his assault weapon to kill two people. He claimed self-defense even though the two protesters he killed were unarmed and he should never have been there in the first place.

Prosecutors charged Rittenhouse and he was tried in court. The only reason why he is still free today is that the judge overseeing the case was extremely biased in his favor. Rittenhouse literally robbed two people of their lives and got away with it. He only has himself to blame for not being able to prepare for college.

Twitter users responded to Rittenhouse with well-earned ridicule.

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