Donald Trump’s scheme to repaint Air Force One red, white, and blue for a more nationalistic look over the classic baby blue and white colors that have been used since the Kennedy Administration has been officially scrapped.

Trump personally got involved in the negotiations for the new Air Force One in 2017. His idea would have resulted in a plane that resembled his own private plane, which is red, white, and blue. Boeing eventually agreed to change the colors but most Americans were not on board with the plan since the classic colors have been iconic and symbolic for decades and harken back to the days when John F. Kennedy was in the White House.

Well, it turns out that Trump’s plan would not only have been more costly, but it would also have threatened to damage aircraft components by resulting in overheating.

Politico reports:

The darker paint scheme would have required additional modifications to cool some of the components, potentially driving up costs, the Air Force said.

For this reason, the White House ultimately chose to scrap the Trump plan.

“The Trump paint scheme is not being considered because it could drive additional engineering, time and cost,” said the administration official, who asked for anonymity to discuss an internal issue.

In addition, the new Air Force One planes are not due to fly until 2026, which means Trump will not be able to force Boeing to revert back to his color change idea even if he somehow wins another term in 2024. It would delay the rollout and cost taxpayers even more money, not that Trump actually cares about wasting taxpayer money.

Since leaving office, Trump’s own private plane has sat in a state of disrepair at a New York airport.

Now if Biden can just reverse Trump’s hideous makeover of the White House Rose Garden, it would be another good thing he does to erase the disastrous and embarrassing Trump presidency.

Featured Image: Wikimedia