While the House January 6th Committee appears to be only focusing on Donald Trump and House Republicans who plotted to overthrow democracy that day, GOP strategist Rick Wilson reminded everyone on Sunday that several Republican senators were complicit as well.

The public hearings are laying out devastating evidence against Trump and several House Republicans, several of whom even asked for pardons because they knew full well that what they were doing is illegal.

But the committee should also remind the American people that there were several Republican senators who conspired to overturn the 2020 Election despite President Joe Biden’s legitimate victory. In fact, the only reason why some of those senators ended up voting to certify the election is because of the insurrection. A few, however, still went forward with their plan and failed.

On Sunday, Rick Wilson named the Republican senators involved, but not before he noted that Trump allies such as right-wing lawyer John Eastman were incompetent.

“Donald Trump has people around him who would throw a school bus full of toddlers into a volcano to stay in office. There is no upper boundary,” Wilson said. “We’ve got very very lucky that Eastman was, in fact, somewhat of a clod in putting this together.”

“He was not a Ben Ginsberg, or not a more sophisticated attorney,” Wilson continued. “He’s an ideologue before he’s a legal thinker and scholar. That’s the only reason that we escaped from this, without somebody with a more sophisticated style and presentation, who could’ve worked McConnell’s people and could have worked the Senate process differently and could’ve somehow juiced it into a situation where he didn’t look like a mob or a horde was coming in.”

Indeed, our country faced a constitutional crisis that day had Trump’s fake elector scheme or the Republican plan to send electors back to the state legislatures had succeeded.

“Remember this, there were a lot of senators that day, before the mob attacked, who were trying to undermine the process of the electoral vote count,” Wilson said. “Rick Scott, Tommy Tuberville, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, the whole package of these guys; they were all trying to burn down the process before the mob arrived. They had a legal strategy in their minds that was underpinning this.”

“In a lot of ways, the mob reflected Trump’s id, and so they went to the Capitol and attacked it but they almost got away with this,” Wilson concluded. “We were very close to losing the country that day. They almost got away with this.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

One name Rick Wilson conspicuously forgot to mention is Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who along with Hawley were the recipients of an ethics complaint because of their involvement in the plot. Both senators helped incite the insurrection and participated in the plot to overturn the results in Congress. Both even voted against certifying the election despite the violence.

Every Republican who participated in any way to overturn the election on January 6th should be held accountable by prosecution by the DOJ and expulsion from Congress. It’s not enough to just hold House Republicans accountable. All of them need to be. Because all of them are poised to try their scheme again in 2024. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

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