The January 6th Select Committee has been rolling out some of their findings regarding the 2020 election, the “big lie,” and the attempted coup that followed. Adam Kinzinger, is one of two actual GOP patriots who actually believe in the Constitution beyond mere lip service, and has played an integral role on that committee.

For his service, Kinzinger has become the victim of death threats from people calling themselves both “Christians” and “patriots.”

Instead of cowering, Congressman Adam Kinzinger decided to go on the offensive. Kinzinger published the letter sent to him by these so-called patriotic christians. In the letter, Kinzinger is called a pimp and the devil himself. His wife, Sofia is called a “stupid c-word” and a blasphemer. The letter clearly states that the Republican Congressman will be executed, and hints that Sophia and their child will be as well.

The text of the letter, which was addressed to his wife, reads as follows:


You are one stupid (redacted “c-word”)

That pimp you married not only broke his oath, he sold his soul. Yours and Christian’s too. Adam’s activities have not only hurt this country, but countless patriotic and God-fearing families. Therefore, although it might take time, he will be executed. But don’t worry! You and Christian will be joining Adam in hell too! We find it blasphemous that you name the son of the devil Christian!

Below is a screenshot of the actual letter that he published on Twitter:

Adam Kinzinger has shown courage from the beginning of this investigation through today. He is more of a patriot than almost anyone on his side of the aisle, who have remained silent as their fellow congressional member and his family is threatened with execution, just like Vice President Mike Pence was on January 6th when the pro-Trump mob built a gallows and chanted “hang Mike Pence” as they hunted for him throughout the Capitol Building.

This is exactly why the January 6th coup attempt is being investigated. This death threat shows just how the unhinged mob, which more and more are discovering was orchestrated and encouraged by Trump and his allies, need to be held accountable. And while the DOJ has been effective in prosecuting the lemmings and low-level managers of the coup, it becomes more obvious with each hearing that those higher up who lit the fuse and poured gasoline on the fire, need to be held accountable as well.

This letter shows how just “moving on” will only increase the violence and lawlessness that Trump, as many believe, unleashed — just to desperately attempt to hold onto power — regardless of the casualties, no matter if they are the rioters, his own Vice President, or our democracy itself.