Not long after a tragic mass shooting during a July 4th parade in Highland Park, Illinois took the lives of six people, Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey responded by telling everyone to “move on and celebrate” as if it never happened.

The shooter, who is reportedly a right-wing Trump supporter, committed the terrorist attack as Americans gathered to watch the annual Independence Day parade. Six people were killed and dozens were wounded as attendees desperately sought cover and safety for themselves and their families. The mass shooting occurred despite a heavy police presence, instantly debunking the “good guy with a gun” myth that conservatives and the NRA have perpetuated for years.

Similarly, Republicans were also quick to offer their standard “thoughts and prayers,” with an Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate named Darren Bailey going even further by urging everyone to “move on and celebrate” July 4th before the bodies were even cold.

“Twenty minutes away from here in Highland Park there was a shooting,” Bailey said. “There were several people that we know have been shot, that’s all we can hope, and we’re just going to take a moment and pray for the families and just pray for the law enforcement and even the organizers of this parade. They’ve done an amazing job. There’s a lot of confusion, frustration that the parade’s being canceled. They did the right thing because people’s safety has got to come first.”

“The shooter is still at large, so let’s pray for justice to prevail,” Bailey continued. “And now let’s move on and celebrate the independence of this nation. We know the mission, we have got to get corruption and evil out of our government, and we have got to elect men and women of honor and of courage to get this country and this state back on track.”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Courage would have been calling for stricter gun control laws beyond the watered-down legislation recently passed by Congress. Honor would have been not telling everyone to “move on and celebrate” July 4th just after a mass shooting during a July 4th event that shattered many lives in the community. Bailey’s statement was heartless and showed zero regard for the victims and their loved ones. The only thing this GOP state senator cared about was getting back to his ‘Merica! party. This is why Republicans are absolutely unfit to be in public office.


UPDATE: Bailey did later apologize for his remarks. But that rings hollow with many Americans after he didn’t offer any solutions except the usual GOP cliches.

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