A bombshell admission reveals that conservative Supreme Court Justices met with an anti-abortion activist and her religious group prior to overturning Roe v Wade, unethical behavior that once again calls the legitimacy of the court and the ruling into question.

The fall of Roe v Wade has resulted in chaos across the country as women desperately seek the medical procedure across state lines while they can. The 5-4 ruling was not made on constitutional grounds, but rather on dubious legal claims and religious zealotry.

In particular, the high court conservatives ruled in favor of Christian right-wing fundamentalists who desire theocratic rule in America. One such “Christian” group is Liberty Counsel, which has filed hundreds of legal briefs with the court, including an amicus brief that was cited in the majority opinion in the Dobbs v Jackson case that brought about the demise of Roe v Wade.

Well, it turns out that conservative Justices actually met with members of the evangelical Faith and Liberty ministry, including Peggy Nienaber, who is the vice president of the organization. According to an admission from Nienaber herself, she and members of her group actually met and prayed with the Justices inside their chambers prior to the ruling and that they do this regularly.

Rolling Stone reports:

Nienaber is Liberty Counsel’s executive director of DC Ministry, as well as the vice president of Faith & Liberty, whose ministry offices sit directly behind the Supreme Court. She spoke to a livestreamer who goes by Connie IRL, seemingly unaware she was being recorded. “You actually pray with the Supreme Court justices?” the livestreamer asked. “I do,” Nienaber said. “They will pray with us, those that like us to pray with them.” She did not specify which justices prayed with her, but added with a chortle, “Some of them don’t!” The livestreamer then asked if Nienaber ministered to the justices in their homes or at her office. Neither, she said. “We actually go in there.”

Nienaber’s group is part of Liberty Counsel, meaning representatives of Liberty Counsel had private direct access to the conservative Justices in the back rooms of the Supreme Court building that likely influenced their ruling in Dobbs v Jackson and other cases where conservatives have tried to use religion as a shield to advance their agenda. This is not only unethical, it should negate the ruling in this case and others as they are obviously tainted with bias and corruption. Liberty Counsel literally submitted an amicus brief that the majority cited in their opinion.

No one should be allowed to meet with the Justices privately in their chambers, especially when they are a party in a case. Liberty Counsel president Mat Staver claims that Nienaber isn’t being accurate, but her story sure sounds legitimate, unlike the Supreme Court and the multiple rulings they have issued giving conservative groups like Liberty Counsel everything they want. These rulings must be nullified and the Justices who met with Nienaber must be forced to resign. They clearly cannot exercise objectivity in the courtroom and cannot be trusted to rule without bias. They are disgraces to the robes they wear.

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