Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) embarrassed her constituents in Colorado once again this week by absurdly claiming that the “Constitution has God all over it” during an interview with Steve Bannon, a former Trump official who has been charged with contempt of Congress.

Boebert previously claimed that there’s no such thing as separation of church and state in the Constitution despite many statements by several founding fathers, especially Thomas Jefferson, that prove otherwise. During those particular remarks at a religious event, Boebert declared that churches are supposed to “direct the government.”

Churches directing the government is what a theocracy looks like, but Boebert denied that she’s a theocrat after Bannon noted that she’s been referred to as the American Taliban.

“I’m certainly not a theocrat,” Boebert said. “We don’t need a state church, you know.”

Theocracy is when the church controls the government, which is exactly what Boebert is advocating. So, she is a theocrat no matter how much she objects to the term.

She then went even further and demonstrated her lack of understanding of the Constitution that she is charged with defending as a member of Congress.

“Our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values,” she said. “Well, the Constitution has God all over it.”

There are 4,440 words in the Constitution and you will not find the words God, Jesus, Christianity, or any other word referencing Christianity or another specific religion in the document. This country was founded on the rule of law, reason, and liberty, NOT Judeo-Christian values.

And then Boebert got dumber by claiming there’s a “paragraph that says that our unalienable rights come from our creator, come from God.”

That particular paragraph is found in the Declaration of Independence, NOT the Constitution. The Constitution is a framework of our government system and it very clearly does not set up our government as a theocracy.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Lauren Boebert is not qualified to serve in government. She’s ignorant and dangerous. She has clearly never read the Constitution and she wants churches in control. That’s a total violation of our laws and our values as a country, not to mention a lack of historical knowledge. Colorado must deny her a second term.

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