Bless his heart, Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz is doing everything he can to try and convince voters in the Keystone State that he’s one of them, even though he lives in New Jersey and has been called a carpetbagger.

On Friday, Oz showed up in Philadelphia and went to the two most well-know cheesesteak joints in the city, Geno’s and Pat’s, bragging about his visit on Twitter while also taking a cheap shot at President Joe Biden.

“South Philly is in a position for a Dose of Fact! Biden’s record-breaking inflation is making it tougher for companies like each Pat’s and Geno’s to stick afloat. An international with out cheesesteaks? That’s simply loopy!”


Nice photo op, Doc. But the attempt at being homey didn’t exactly sit well with others on Twitter, and Oz was quickly trolled not only by his Democratic opponent, John Fetterman, but also got a dose of mockery from Pat’s. Take a look:

Others then joined the fun, making it clear that Dr. Oz should have stayed in Jersey instead of trying to pull the old bait and switch on voters.

Featured Image: Twitter