With one piece of legislation, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) may have just assured that his bid for reelection fails this November.

Rubio has introduced legislation that would require all men who impregnate a woman begin paying child support from the moment of conception, according to WFLA:

“The bill itself makes a specific change to current federal regulations regarding child support. Under the proposed legislation, the government would require that states ‘establish and enforce child support obligations of the biological father of an unborn child (and subsequent to the birth of the child) to the mother of such child’ at the mother’s request.”

The senator’s bill also means that the GOP goal of declaring that life begins at conception is also codified into law, meaning that personhood begins at the moment an egg is fertilized.

In a statement released by his office, Rubio said:

“We should do everything we can to support American mothers and their children. This bill would allow expecting mothers to prepare and support their babies before they are born.”

While Rubio’s move is clearly a sop to right-wing voters in his state, he is already facing a very uncertain reelection effort as his Democratic opponent, Rep. Val Demings, who is doing exceptionally well in fundraising and building momentum, according to Florida Politics:

The poll found Rubio at 50% among likely voters, but when polling all Florida voters, the race was closer, with Rubio at 45% and Demings at 40%.

The results when compared to the centrist organization’s last poll in March also showed Demings with the momentum, with a 13% swing in her favor among registered voters.

Rubio is slipping in the polls, analyst Kurt Jetta notes, because his unfavorable rating is so incredibly high:

While 46% of voters view (Rubio) favorably, 37% view him unfavorably. For Demings, 42% view her favorably but just 26% view her unfavorably. Moreover, 27% of voters have a “very unfavorable” view of Rubio, while only 15% say the same of Demings.

In a state with as many independent voters as Florida, Rubio’s negative numbers, combined with such a controversial piece of legislation this close to the midterm elections, could doom him.

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