Though you’ve probably never heard of Matt Walsh, he’s somewhat of a minor conservative celebrity among right-wingers, and he also hosts a podcast when he isn’t contributing articles to the Daily Wire, an ultraconservative website.

According to Walsh, now that the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down Roe v. Wade and many states are making abortion illegal, any American woman who isn’t ready to have children needs to stop having sex, which would solve all of their problems.

On his podcast this week, according to Jason Campbell of Media Matters, Walsh had this advice for women:

“If conceiving a child would be disastrous for you, you believe, then do not participate in activities that literally billions of times in the past have resulted in the conception of a child.”

Having laid down that absurd premise, Walsh then added:

“I’ll phrase it this way. Cause I really wanna make it very simple for these people. They have difficulty understanding complex concepts, so gotta dumb it down as much as possible. If reproduction would be a disaster for you, you believe, then do not participate in the reproductive act…”

Dumb it down as much as possible? That sounds vaguely racist and incredibly demeaning, doesn’t it? Then again, that’s to be expected from a sexist jerk who clearly doesn’t understand the most basic concepts of freedom and bodily autonomy.

However, Walsh was far from finished spewing his nonsense:

“Because if you are able to — reproduce, no matter what else you do, you can make it the quote unquote safest kind of sex you want. There’s always still gonna be a chance that you reproduce. And if that chance would be like plunging off of a cliff level of catastrophe in your life, then don’t participate in the act, control yourself, right? We’re human beings. We should be able to exercise some self control, right?

“We’re not beasts in the jungle that are unable to control our compulsions. At least we shouldn’t be. One of the defining features of human beings, one of the things that’s supposed to set us apart from beasts is that we are able to have a compulsion to do something, we want to do something, and yet we choose not to do it.”

It’s a good thing Matt Walsh is married, because if he wasn’t it’s safe to assume he wouldn’t be getting any dates now that he’s made it clear he thinks women have no rights whatsoever.

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