Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) continues to be pilloried for running away from the insurrectionist Trump supporters on January 6th despite having earlier incited them to storm the Capitol. After claiming he won’t “run away” from voters during a recent speech, even former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo) is calling out his cowardice.

During his speech to conservatives over the weekend, Hawley doubled down to make himself look tough and brave.

“I am not backing down. I’m not going to apologize. I’m not going to cower. I’m not going to run from you,” he declared.

And that’s just plain funny since he is literally on camera running away from the very Trump supporters he claims he won’t run away from.

Indeed, that video footage was shown during the most recent January 6th Committee hearing in primetime, footage that caused attendees to laugh because Hawley turned tail and ran to get away from the Trump supporters who were storming the Capitol building to overthrow democracy.

To drive home Hawley’s hypocrisy and cowardice, the Democratic National Committee put together a side-by-side of Hawley delivering his remarks and running scared on January 6th, which McCaskill shared on Twitter.

Again, Hawley took part in inciting the Trump supporters on January 6th, even raising a fist in solidarity with them prior to the violence. He also voted against certifying the 2020 Election after the Senate resumed work. There was even an ethics complaint filed against him.

Other Twitter users also took turns ridiculing Hawley.

Josh Hawley is a coward and Missouri can do better than him. Instead of re-electing a coward and traitor to the Senate, Missouri should vote for a candidate who ran toward gunfire as a US Marine and supports democracy. That candidate is Lucas Kunce.

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